Green Algae

AlgaeMost pool owners have at one time battled with algae in their pool. Algae are living marine creatures that rapidly multiply in warm, sunny weather. Since they have chlorophyll, they use photosynthesis to flourish. That is, they take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen as a byproduct. Algae spores can get into the pool through rain, wind, or contaminated equipment and swimsuits. An algae bloom can occur overnight when the swimming pool conditions are not well balanced. These pool conditions include an improper imbalance of water chemicals, presence of nitrates/phosphates and or carbon dioxide, warm temperatures and sunlight. Of course, poor circulation, filtration and sanitation are always the main cause of the algae. Algae blocks filter pores causing a decrease in the filter effectiveness which may require you to do more backwashing. The algae consumes chlorine in the water, which should be used on other contaminants creating a higher chlorine demand in the water. Algae itself does not harm swimmers but if a pool has algae, it may be a haven for pathogens like E-coli bacteria. Although algae do not harm swimmers, no one wants to go swimming in a pool that is full of algae.

Getting rid of algae in a pool

Completely get rid of all the algae in your swimming pool, by shock treating your pool, even if it’s just a light shade of green. The recommended guideline for shock treating your pool is:

Kg’s Granular Chlorine
Pool Litres
2 50,000 or less
4 80,000
6 30,000

Algae It is important to remember – ALWAYS add chemicals to water.  NEVER add water to a chemical. 

Backwash your filter and set valve to recirculate or remove cartridge from filter. Lower the PH to 7.0 or less (Chlorine is more effective at low PH). Add the recommended amount of granular chlorine and a flocculant. Run the pump for 2 to 4 hours to help the chlorine to distribute throughout the pool. Turn off the pump and allow the water to settle for at least 24 hours. Vacuum pool to waste. Balance the pool water correctly and set your filter valve back to filter or reinsert the filter cartridge and you are ready to go.

Sometimes your pool water may turn black green due to excess amounts of algae. To clear this “creature from the black lagoon” you may have to shock your pool a second time. 

Pool chemicals can be hazardous to your health, as well as causing excessive damage to pool surfaces and equipment. Contact Mackay pools to have your pool treated by a professional. Call 0403505369 and let us get you back swimming in a couple of days.